Saturday, 15 May 2010

Down Merlin Street: Two Vintage Pseudo-Georgian Dresses

Elder Carrie and the Costume Mercenary were wandering down Merlin Street (near Fortress Hill in Hong Kong), when we stumbled upon an antique shop named Hong Kong Treasures. It's full of wonderfully random and beautiful old things, but what caught my eye was the Georgian-esque dress in the shop window. I spoke with the man (whom Elder Carrie later described as being Antonio Banderas' more flamboyant and more East Asian brother) and he told me that both dresses were made in the 60s. They are really rather pretty, though I do think having the mannequin holding the pink box doesn't help.

The other dress is more pinkish, it was what caught my eye in the dark window when we walked past, but it's a lot less visible in the photos due to the angle at which I had to take the photo and is rather more obscured by the sign.

The beading and the detail on both the dresses are exquisite and though certainly not historically accurate to the period they're alluding to, they are themselves a beautiful piece of costume history.

A few more photos under the cut.

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