Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Golden Elven Coat

This is hopefully the last lot of pictures with the golden coat and likely to be the best. It hasn't fared well, especially since its green counterpart has rather eclipsed it in previous attempts at photography. For one reason or another, we simply have more and better pictures of the green.

The coat has large, lily-wrapped sleeves, which apparently compel one to steeple fingers and scheme. The coat is golden in colour and is made of a fine faux suede, half-lined in faux silk. It's trimmed in jacquard ribbon of golden ivy leaven on a cream background. This trim echoes that on the Forest Cloak, though on that it is gold leaves on a green background.

Currently, all three sizes of the Golden Elven Coat (Small, Medium and Large) are in stock at Character Kit, priced at £75. It is also available in Green (photos of which appear here).

More photos under the cut.

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