Sunday, 14 March 2010

Click Me Pictures...

Not so long ago, the Costume Mercenary was frustratedly writing product descriptions and now, perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm frustratedly making banner adverts. Some of you (or so I hope) might even have clicked onto the site via one of these mutated creations of mine.

Funnily enough, making one is harder than it looks.

Picking the right picture (I know I have millions, but only a handful are good enough), getting the picture to fit the allotted space, getting it to look right and getting the right sounding text... these are all recent headaches and I'm not quite sure I've in any way succeeded, but such is the way of things.

I'm welcoming any suggestions, advice and suchlike on graphical design.

In Other News: Whilst here are various very pretty things that I would very much like to post about (including a strangely swirly greatcoat, a new cloak design, a tudor gown and some dresses) The Designer (who also takes photographs) has recently become a lot busier during the daylight hours and I'm currently also scribbling pictures for Profound Decision's upcoming live roleplay event, Odyssey: The Great Game

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