Monday, 8 March 2010

The Original Elven Coat

This was the original Elven Coat, designed and tailored to fit a woman, made in black faux suede and black linen. It's heavily inspired by Arwen's battle costume which never made it into the Lord of the Rings film, but that said, it also differs quite significantly, not simply in colour and material choice.

The photos are taken by the modern art structure by Prebends Bridge. It's called Reveal, and is done by Richard Cole. The stone is from the cathedral pinnacle, "recycled" here as art. Cole has various things to say about, but to me, it's awesomeness lies in the fact that it looks to me to be the visible tip of a great buried citadel, that has been buried there. It reminds me of the ancient lost and sunken cities, it hints at a whole, well, cathedral, just under our feet. Hence my associating it with elves, the ever fading and waning race.

That said, the Designer told me that he sees no such resonances in Reveal and that it's just me.

What do you see?

(These photos were taken when I was really quite under the weather. Forgive the haggard appearance and try to think of it as the eons catching up with an aged elf or something. Or just berate me in the comments.)

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