Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Outtakes II

The Designer pestered me until I dug out the rest of the outtakes and posted them. Less with the dignity, more with the comedy gold.

So here they are.

To the left is the terribly dignified wuxia scholar revealing what's on her scroll of secrecy. It is a wonder I wasn't on the floor giggling for that entire shoot.

There is still a lack of any decent captions, so any and all suggestions welcome.

That expression is from the Designer (behind the camera) telling me to make love to the pocket watch I was holding at the time.

Needless to say, the "serious" versions of the photos are elsewhere on this blog and breakdowns of the costumes worn can equally be found.

Also, elves don't smile.

In Other News, the two prototypes (the Steampunk Shirt and the Elven Tunic) are available from Character Kit, should anyone be both be of the correct size and have an inclination to purchase it.

In Other Other News, if you happen to have a few thousand pounds hand, some beautiful painted prayer books are being auctioned off. A few rather lovely photographs of the collection can be found on the BBC website and hopefully some more will be glimpsed on the Christie website. I'm really just excited because I spent many years of my life oogling books of hours and writing about them.

The Highwayman holding up the terrifying tree.

Not out of place on a Hong Kong Comedy poster... we were just messing around by this point.

Tangling the veil... this was not a graceful costume.

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