Sunday, 21 March 2010

Outtakes, otherwise known as Bloopers

The Mercenary and company come from the keep-taking-photos-one-of-them-will-turn-out-good school of photography. Which I'm assured is actually a style. Suffice to say, this leads to some mildly amusing outtakes as the camera keeps going when the model moves and a lot of not at all amusing bad photos. Telling one from the other is a subjective sort of process that has had me refrain from posting these photos so far. But mild amusement is sometimes hard to come by, so here are a few not very funny or very dignified pictures from the recent past.

The "humorous" captions could probably do with more work. Am open to any and all suggestions.

More outtakes under the cut.

Bins, ever the attractive steampunk accessory.

Note: not an elf, it's smiling.

Mystified by the broken mask.

The goggles, they do nothing.



  1. I like these, actually! Given that the kit is designed to be used in larp (amongst other things), this gives a bit more of a dynamic idea of how they would look being used by actual characters.

    I especially like the 'steampunk coat with bin'; it looks to me like a random "day in the life of a techpriest" shot.

  2. I guess one of the questions that comes to my mind when people complain about the quality of said images is "If you're getting camera shake from slow shutter speed (under 1/60th of a second) why not use a tripod?"

    Most digital cameras less than 3 years old will let you know if you're going to get camera shake from slow shutter speed. See if you can borrow a tripod or perhaps invest in one.

    And I like the foot on the rubbish bin photo, at least the rubbish bin is suitably attired in an artistic wrapping.

    Your 'levitate' photo is good in that as another observed: it shows the costume in action. And still looks good while at it.

    You on the the grass, 'rolling on the floor laughing' ^_^

    Love your wuxia, caftan-derived and steampunk costumes.

  3. Whilst I can imagine it being a complete pain to arrange, a combination of the levitation and wuxia-inspired clothing could go well.

    Failing that, you could always try wire-fu...


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