Monday, 10 September 2012

Empire: From the Streets of Holberg

The League was an immensely fun, if chaotic shoot. The direct sunlight was deeply unforgiving on our whites and creams, especially given the better camera being out of battery during this segment of Saturday. On the other hand, we had pulled together sufficient costumes that we really felt we had on our hands a lively cast of characters to pose. When reviewing the photos, a convoluted narrative of intrigue, passtion and jealousy seemed to unfold from the sequence of images, following the misadventures surrounding this odd little red leather book. It is probably best we don't dwell on it here, but suffice to say it was a deeply evocative experience.

The bravos are both in doublets and are lightly armoured on one side (for the fighting of duels! With flourish!). They are actually sharing the same set of plate which I believe is from Mytholon. The rose rapier is a custom job from Eldritch and other is a Medlock. The mask is from Durham's Georgian Window, though I don't know if they ever intended it to be worn.

Pillywiggin is wearing the same velvet gown that appeared briefly in Mirroring the Pre-Raphaelites (and did not get its own post for some reason). Other costumes on that blog that would work in League include: Early Venetian Gown (though these specific colours are a touch dark and gloomy); Winged Doublet; Tudor Loose Robe.

The various dresses pictured would cost in the region of £90-150 to commission, depending on design and materials. Both the doublets pictures can be purchased at Character Kit and fit a men's Large. Do email in for a more detailed quote.

More photos of the Streets of Holberg under the cut.

The Ladies
(gown after the style of those seen in the paintings of Lucas Cranach in stretch velvet with a repurposed cumberband as a bustfleck, peacock hat from Reesha's Beads; coat-dress again from Cranach worn over a cream taffetta gown with three metres of train)

The Lady and her Maid
(Cranach gown and fifteenth century Venetian gown, both in purple stretch velvet and worn over linen chemises)

The Maid's Secret
(velvet gown, lined cloak with hidden pocket)

The Bravos
(wool cloak with pocket worn over one shoulder, midnight blue cotton velvet doublet, purple frilly shirt; black stretch velvet doublet)

The Masked Wooing
(black stretch velvet doublet; purple stretch velvet gown over white linen chemise)

The Confrontation
(Tudor brocade overgown, wool Tudor doublet and britches, red and white leather codpiece, velvet hat; black velvet doublet; purple velvet gown)

The Merchant of the Night
(Tudor brocade overgown, cotton velvet doublet, black shirt)

The Alone
(dress inspired by late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century Venetian gown, after that drawn by Albrecht Durer, worn here without the second set of sleeves)

The Duel
(wool cloak with pocket worn over one shoulder, midnight blue cotton velvet doublet, purple frilly shirt; black stretch velvet doublet)

The Lovers
(purple velvet Cranach gown; faux silk taffeta Durer gown with three metres of train, top halves of the second sleeves worn)

The Wounded
(black velvet winged doublet worn open, purple frilly linen shirt)

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