Monday, 10 September 2012

Empire: The Shield Wall of Highguard

Given how we were pulling together these costumes from what we had about (both in terms of stock and personal kit), it was a little tricky to find the identical shields and tabards needed for the proper Highguard look. We managed to borrow one of Durham University Treasure Trap's tabards made by our patron goddess, the legendary Anne.

The base layers and much of the armour worn by the Shoddy Knight is the same as that in the Dawn photos. It is the colours of the tabard and the choice of shield and helmet (Norman, incidentally, from Planet Trading - they were bought for Ragnarok) that makes the difference here, with Dawn favouring bright primary colours and Highguard with their dark blacks and whites.

The shield is the Lorien Shield from Character Kit and the sword is again the Excalibur.

A couple more photos of the lone solider of Highguard under the cut.

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