Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year and Directions

It's been almost a year of this blog (and the business) and it is also New Year (Happy New Year, by the way), so it seems appropriate to reflect a moment on Directions and where this is all going.

The blog itself has ranged far and wide in terms of content. I feared at first it would just be an endless wave of costume picture (would that have been a good thing?) with the occassional concept sketch thrown in. Briefly, I toyed with discussing inspirations and clothing history in greater detail. Equally, more snippets from my daily life seems tempting (espeically when my friends do geekily awesome things), but how far do people really want to read about me bitching about my latest cold? I often find cool things online, but does the Escapist's cosplay gallery really need my linking to it?

In the next few weeks, I'll likely be experimenting with what goes on the blog. There will still be many costumes, but I may become even more verbose than I already am. You have been warned.

The business itself still lacks a certain direction (this skit seems curiously appropriate). My primary market is still, in theory, larpers, but I've sold to all sorts of people and I'm not sure if I should be trying to expand exclusively in that direction. I seem to draw what I think is pretty and/or functional and go from there, but really, how many Tudor-larps are there? Is trying to eek my way into the territory held by many giants of goth and alternative clothing?

Though that said, I've a bucket of steampunk buttons so doubt over markets aside, the Mercenary will be focusing on clothing that can shift some (if not all) of that in the near future. There are a number of waistcoats with them on the horizon and perhaps some more colours of the steampunk coat (or maybe just the blue one, the red gets very little love).

Anyway, Happy New Year.

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