Thursday, 27 January 2011

There's a Spider in My Living Room! or living with Clockwork Firebird Designs

Gracewing (the woman behind Clockwork Firebird Designs) often fills the house with many exciting things. She uses the conservatory as her workshop for the most part and interesting things are produced on a fairly regular basis. More recently, I came into the living room and found Gracewing in full drider kit (she had realised that she hadn't any photos of her awesome spider-butt and needed some for her website). It was briefly extremely intimidating and more than a dash surreal.

The photo to the left is taken by Many Lemons. The ears, arm, greaves, tail and corset in the photo are all by Gracewing. Due to their immense popularity, there are very few detail shots of the items. Do email her if you fancy something along those lines (or not, with commissions, the limit is your imagination, after all).

Gracewing has just launched her etsy shop which is now stocked with a variety of leather pouches, scabbards and vambraces. She also has the beautiful Black Raven Corset with suede feather-shapes (also seen in the drider photo to the right).

We did some photos of Gracewing's leather goods and I modelled (using that term very loosely) the tooled leather cat ears (from the Crown of Gears range). The Pillywiggin adamantly disbelieves it's actually me in the photos and stated it had to be someone else wearing my face.

Of course, such posing wouldn't have been possible without Wongfu Productions' Poser! putting me in touch with my cultural heritage.

It really isn't very dignified at all, but it is apparently very funny (I'm sure the rest of those photos will be unearthed for the outtakes post when that happens).

And on the mercenary note, the coat worn by Gracewing in the catgirl photo is the steampunk tailcoat. Similar ones are soon to be found on the Character Kit website in a range of colours.

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