Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Union of Blood and Lies: A Medieval Murder Mystery

It was amid a week of archive-diving between running around like a headless chicken that I found these old posters. I was having debilitating, if dull problems with a petulant printer-scanner as well as a struggle with an increasingly erratic sleep cycle. Finding this didn't exactly make my week better, but it did briefly amuse.

It was one of our first attempts at a photoshoot (indoors, in this very living room, with a white bed sheet over the curtain rail). This was before we learnt many things, including how difficult coordinating multiple people into a photo was and how much superior outdoor lighting was. I do remember the Proprietor complaining how awkward it was to hold the goblet at an angle that was pleasing to the photographer.

For the most part, the kit visible in these photos are from the Treasure Trap Armoury, though I do remember the red and black cloak belongs to the Proprietor himself. I have this strange urge to unearth the velvet dress and robe I was wearing from behind the wardrobe now.

The event was written by the Anthropologist and myself as a rules-light event to try and hook in new players who might be interested in larp but entirely sold on the idea it might just be playing-D&D-standing-up. We were essentially trying to sneakily trick people into larping by pretending it was a murder mystery. It was met with mixed success. A solidly good time was had by all (or so I was told) but outside attendance was disappointing, mostly due to clashing with a number of other events including end of term exam revision.

And that's the amble down memory lane over with...

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  1. Yay for posing in chainmail! Chaotic though it was to do that shoot I did really enjoy it. =)
    Goblets are obviously all evil, I haven't successfully used one as a prop yet.


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