Thursday, 14 October 2010

More Click Me Pictures

For all the talk of nice fabrics and trim and buttons, I am a self-defined mercenary of garments and long ponderings on how I'm going to shift all those clothes that are sitting in the garage are part of the purview. I'm not sure how fascinating this is to the reader, but we're currently planning some banner adverts (different from the old set) and they look a bit like this:

Coincidence or otherwise, orders do seem to coincide with the days I put in the time to advertsie.

I'm still a little uncomfortable with singing the praises of my own products. As I've said before, I'm reasonably confident in what I do, but like with all things under the sun, perfection isn't always possible and doesn't come cheaply, each step towards it costs seemingly exponentially more than the step before (adhering to the law of diminishing return). I see design as more as juggling a long series of compromises between concept and reality. I still remember being told off for the way I wrote product descriptions by my uncle who told me to swot up on the language of fashion magazines. 

But in the meantime, any opinions on the banner adverts?


  1. I think you may want to put more whitespace around/behind the text - it's too hard to read with the busy background.

  2. Martin (twin of Paul)14 October 2010 at 09:12

    Ok comments

    You don't want to confuse your writing for a start so no pictures behind it, it distracts the consumer from your name and brand.

    also too many pictures yet again this is a bit confusing to the observer.
    Anywho I'll grab your email addy off Paul and mail across a very very rough idea.

    Also have a friend who does graphic design so I could ask him to take a look as well.

  3. We did some just of the steampunk coat and the elven ones a while back, but it seemed a little to simple. The problem I suppose of deciding to show one things is that it's really quite hard to pick that one representative thing when what I sell is all over the place. It's not quite so bad in full size, but it is a little bewildering.

    Point taken about the text, will mull over it some more.

  4. Agreed on the text being hard to read. You could try dividing it into two parts- one with the text and a plain background, one with pictures.

    I also prefer the versions that focus on photos of actual kit rather than design sketches- I think the texture of the two kinds of picture is different enough that they look weird when mixed together.

    I don't know if this would be practical layoutwise, but it might also be worth experimenting with using fewer larger photos of individual bits of kit(ideally selected to be as different as possible, so as to give some idea of range). Something sort of along the lines of the old DUTT "who do you want to be today?" posters, but with possibly with less focus on stuff like the models' faces.


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