Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween and the Horrors of the Heart

Kathed and I wandered over to Saint Giles Church (the back of which is proving a rather popular location for us due to its proximity to where I live) and did a brief set of photos. The shortening days and increasingly fleeting good light conditions are making this harder and the cold is certainly not helping.

But yes, there are some that heavily involve a heart (inhumanly large, mechanically beating, from Tesco some years ago) as a prop. We're rather pleased with them.

It is perhaps a little strange that among larpers (people who dress up so very regularly in silly clothes) the imperative to come up with different, unrelated and non-overlapping costume seems so strong. But it is around these parts.

I remember the Designer went as the Milkman a few years ago with a number of old milk bottles, a white lab coat and a lot of inappropriate innuendos. It may or may not be the same year I went as a Disney princess. Or was it Seraph from the Matrix film that doesn't exist?

But yeah, paracetamol-fuelled rambling aside, and Happy Halloween!

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