Friday, 6 January 2012

Tat on the Table: Clockwork Pocket Watches and Other Bits and Bobs

The good news is that I've been talking to our pocket watch supplier and we have some new designs in (as well as a few more of the old). They won't be on the website for a couple of months, but it's still very exciting. The one above is rather snazzy.

Bad news, however, is that they've gotten more expensive. In all honestly, we'll end up absorbing some of that price difference, but we really can't afford to absorb all of it.

In other news, we've got some bits and bobs in. A job lot of exceptionally over the top pewter rings (featuring skulls on skulls on more skulls), a couple of bejewelled mirror compacts and some rings-with-hidden-watches. It has proven impossible to hold the ring open and to take a photo of it at the same time, but suffice to say behind that plastic gem is a watchface. I have funny feeling these items will be crowding the end of the table for far, far too long. But who knows?

The custom-patterned brocade is looking less likely by the day. I'm just not sure we can use five hundred metres of brocade (that's around three hundred waistcoats). Though I suppose we might try to use it with the million cog and screw buttons we have in stock.

Also, the Proprietor and friends have been working on State of Grace, a new post-apocalyptic cyberpunk Live Roleplay Game full of cyborgs, mutants and cannibals (to quote the website). First event is pencilled in for the November of this year. Go peruse the new (if incomplete) website.

(So all in all, not a bad time to head over to Character Kit to buy a pocket watch before the price goes up. They're £16 for the regular sort and £20 for the globe watches.)

Photo of all the other tat under the cut.

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