Friday, 13 January 2012

Further Adventures with the Embroiderers

The first of the batch of embroidered tailcoats have returned and I'm not quite sure what to do with how yellow the gold is. I'm not entirely happy, but they are otherwise rather spectacular. The cuffs are deep and the back now bears a small embroidered pattern just above the slit (as opposed to being blank).

The coat is made of sturdy wool, fastens in front with hooks and eyes and has a double row of ornamental buttons. There are

I'm developing a deeply love-hate relationship with the Embroiderers, to put it simply. Among other things, they do appear completely unable to understand the difference between gold and yellow (the current solution is to work around them and buy our own embroidery thread, but it's rather annoying that it has come to this), but their work is otherwise very good. 

The new back flower seems more unbalanced in the photos than they do in reality, but I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out. It is, the tragedy of only being able to afford to run so many prototypes. But we shall see. The effect of any given garment isn't really obvious until it becomes part of an outfit and is on someone. It's why fashion photography can get so abstract.

Some hopefully these coats will all be on the website in a month or so. There will only be one of each colour combination in each size, but there will be a plethora of colours (including purple; the one of the shown is technically maroon).

So watch this space.

Also, a more detailed photo of the "wreathe" on the back under the cut.


  1. i think they are quite beautiful! i understand if you don't like the yellow from an aesthetic point of view, but the tone is accurate for the period!

  2. I'm glad you seem to like it! though I do hasten to add that it is even more yellow in real life. That said I do frequently underestimate how much the Past simply loved what most modern eyes would consider garish colours.

  3. How wonderful! Is there any news on when these are likely to be available to buy? The embroidery colour looks fine in the photo, but I suppose it would be hard to tell what colour an original ambassadors jacket would be due to age now. :)

    Julie x


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