Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Clasps, Buttons and Musings

I found some clasps recently in my wanderings in the land of Haberdashery. They're quite nice. We've not really used clasps that much in our cloak designs, mostly favouring buckles, the more subtle hook and eye as well as ties under the arm.

I suspect these won't end up as cloak clasps, at least not until we've sold more of our current stock. I'm liking the idea of them down the front of doublets or being used to lace up dresses.

(They're not photographing very well and there's another brighter one under the cut, but the lighter coloured clasps are completely washed out.)

There aren't as many designs for these colours, but it was still intriguing to find these colours for alloy buttons. Bright copper we've actually used before in the Inventor's Apron Dress, but the others not so much. I do like the pale dull gold. There are generally a lot more options for colours if we ever decided to embrace plastic buttons but the Designer and I both have a dislike for them (though I concede they can be useful when you want a lot of buttons on a thin fabric and the weight of the metal would make the garment sag).


  1. Haberdashery is a silly word. Less silly, I expect, than the "The Master and Four Wardens of the Fraternity of the Art or Mystery of Haberdashers in the City of London."

    I love you Wikipedia.


  2. Could you post or send me the location you got the clasps, I would love to buy some for my dublet. The gold color thistle one's in perticuler.


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