Friday, 1 April 2011

Maelstrom Coins!

Aside from the post on the Rule7 Forums that started it all and the odd cryptic facebook update, the plans for the Maelstrom coins have largely been kept under wraps. In essence, I'm attempting to find a cheaper source for Profound Decision's much lauded coins mostly by trying to convince people who make my buttons that they also want to make me coins.

Still not sure if they're making the cut (not being exact replicas, they're a little lighter in the hand and the finish on one seems off), but we'll see.

There isn't much more to say other than look at the pretty picture and if you happen to be running a large system (or a small one) and happen to want some coins, you might want to speak to me.


  1. I may very well be in the market at some point for coins for a system I'm currently co-writing. However, we will likely only have a shoestring budget - how much are they likely to cost?

  2. How much of a shoestring? It largely depends on coin size, weight, number, though the mould costs are somewhat nonnegotiable. Drop me an email at


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