Thursday, 7 April 2011

Preview: A Plethora of Coats in the Garden

The last batch of coat prototypes have finally been photographed. Albeit rather simply in the garden rather than anything more exciting. Pictured with this post are the slightly dashing red wool coat with the gold buttons and the triple-caped coat.

Due to time and weather constraints (including my brief scorning of the diurnal lifestyle), we haven't been able to really get this going and the decision was made that we should just get it all done and on the blog. The results adequately show the clothing, which should be enough, but never seems to be. Especially after the beautifully evocative photos of the studio shoot in Wales, I can't help but feel this is a step backwards.  But they're never going to sell if they're not on the website.

The weather's warming and the general interest in woollen coats is probably rapidly diminishing, but it does seem to be the Costume Mercenary's emerging speciality, so here they are in their wintery glory. They are somewhat plainer than some of the older coats with bright brocade linings, but being prototypes, there's always the temptation to make they a little more generic so they're a little widely applicable.

In the same flurry of photography, we also managed to do the last of Character Kit's new batch of latex shields.

Of course, they're also going to be up on the Character Kit website shortly.

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