Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Commission: Hooded Elven Coat

The hooded elven coat is commissioned to be a version of our elven coat made from the soft black suedette, much like the green. It's lined in black faux silk, with exception of the hood which is green and the sleeves which are self-lined.

The green and gold ivy-patterned jacquard trim is the same as that used on the Forest Cloak. It is worn here with a olive green silk-linen elven tunic and trousers.

There isn't much to say of the design, given how many variants we've done of it, though it does please me to see a return to the original elven coat. There are shades of the drow in the colours, though with edges of purple or red would perhaps work better than green for a specifically dark elf costume.

Green and gold versions of the elven coat are available from Character Kit for £75. Different colours and sizes can be commissioned for a similar price. The dagger seen in the photos is Character Kit's fey dagger (£15).

More photos of the black elven coat under the cut.


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