Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Nerd East Photo-post

Nerd East seems an aeon ago, but I've finally found the photos from in the recesses of a memory card. This year for reasons saw me quite a lot more stressed than I'd really have liked to be (despite having had quite a bit of help - who, incidentally are all splendid people). I didn't manage to attend any of the talks, games and workshops, except for the one ran by the Durham University Improvised Comedy Society.

All in all, we sold some stuff and met cool people. All without the great inconvenience of travelling for several hours either end. What more can a mercenary really ask for?

Except, I suppose, a photo of the stall for the blog. And daleks. There were daleks gliding about the floor. It was fantastic and is somewhat inexplicable I can't find any photos of them.

More photos and accompanying ramble under the cut.

The independent Cities in Darkness, who run Vampire: The Requiem in the North East. I love the expression on the little girl with the wavy  larp-dagger. Though getting her to look at the camera was the feat in and of itself.I have a dozen more where she was looking everywhere else whilst man-with-skull-on-stick asked tried to coax her into position.

This man had an unreasonably cool (and heavy) homemade weapon. Mostly from bits of copper piping, apparently. Also visible is the fireball from the adorable Having A Larp sign.

Part of the sprawl that was the Skian Mhor stall. They do all the things. 

The jewellery stalls of Charis Victoria and Reesha Dyer. The latter is wearing the inimitable Gothic Coat, though the enormous train is not exactly in view. Oh, and Reesha is also responsible for what will be the most amazing hat in the universe (Peacock feathers! Everywhere!). She has also recently updated her website so go have a look.

This is an unreasonably awesome dress. Especially after I learnt that she whipped it up in an evening after her boyfriend suggested they go to a costume party of some description. 

Fools and Heroes, again showing everyone up with funky banners. 

Tied To A Kite. He insisted that his giant banner be part of the picture. We all played a game of Backswords & Bucklers afterwards, run by the writer himself. In conclusion, it does have a pretty cool setting, if (personally) a bit held back by the exceptionally archaic D&D based system.

Eldritch. As seen on the t-shirt.

If I recall, the racks and swords belong to Saxon Violence. I was attempting some sort of interesting composition that I suspect has completely failed. 

Urban Halo dreadlocks and jewellery. Quite the last minute booking. I remember being worried that they might not have much of a market among us (despite all the subculture overlap) and then going and buying a friend some dreads for a grumpy old troll character they were going to play.

The Nordavolk Craft Collective. They had some simply amazing leather masks (the ones bought by one of our refs were later put to good use at a Fae-themed event Treasure Trap event). 

Having a Larp, plus hat.

Aethertech Industries, who apparantly do military replicas, custom armour and steampunk wear.


  1. Looks like a very interesting con. Sorry I missed it.

  2. There's always next year? I actually felt kinda bad that I might be underselling it. The talks and the workshops were - I am told - really awesome, but due to being a trader, I didn't manage to go to the bulk of them.


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