Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Commission: Onontakhan Shirt and Trousers

The Onontakhan Shirt is made from brown linen with faux suede insets. The drawstring trousers are of the same brown faux suede. The feather-form is also worn.

The basic shirt design is based loosely on this sacred shirt, without the fringing. This is not meant to represent any actual indigenous peoples of the Americas beyond the fact that the fictional race and culture of the Onontakhan are inspired by them in a variety of ways.

The Onontakhan of Profound Decision's Maelstrom campaign are one of the native factions of the New World. The almanac (itself an in-character document laden with prejudice) describes them as such:

They stand as tall as any civilized being but dress in furs and hides that they take from the creatures they hunt. Like a dragon, their bodies are covered in fine scales, though theirs are of various colours and patterns.... they use arrows and wooden spears tipped with flint to hunt and have no knowledge of the practices of civilized people such as farming, architecture and commerce.
We dispensed with the snakeskin makeup because we were afraid we might get some on the clothes, which we did make us feel like we were playing "Cowboys and Indians" and can't help but feel a little sheepish about it.

Both glassfibre bows seen in the photos are available from Character Kit, at £50 and £55 (the shorter and the longer, respectively).

The jewellery (or to use the technical term from around here "tat") has been seen before with the Carthaginian Philosopher. It was made from chicken bones (from stew we were making) and beads (wood and bone, mostly from the now liquidated Lebeado) and suede thonging. It's not meant to be accurate, but along with the feathered mantle and the bow, it actually seemed to fit together to make an outfit rather than just be a shirt and trousers someone just happened to be wearing.

To commission a similar set of shirt and trousers from the Mercenary would cost in the region of £30-33. The feathered mantle is available for £60 on Character Kit.

More photos of the Onontakhan outfit under the cut.

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