Monday, 20 September 2010

Red Queen Coat

The Red Queen Coat is made of a thick stretch velvet in a deep claret red. It features a giant "evil queen" collar in black brocade (that we're particularly proud of) in a very deep V-neck that almost goes to the waist, heart-shaped knot buttons and drippy "medieval" sleeves (I use that term very loosely here) with are lined in black brocade. It has lacing down the back and it's pulled rather tightly in the photos. The whole design was meant to echo the huge Gothic Coat-Dress, but the stretch velvet isn't nearly as wide and whilst huge and trailing, this dress isn't quite as giant.

It was meant to be worn over an ivory wedding gown as part of a fairy tale themed reception party. I was promised photos in due course (which I hope to be able to share on the blog), but really I'm just looking forward to seeing the little larp-safe axe that was to go with the Red Queen outfit.

This is a rather unideal photo and not even of the finished coat (in the end, we took the third pair of buttons off). The coat-dress is made for a size 16 and the lacing is pulled back considerably to make it drape on the significantly smaller dress form. But all that aside, I thought to share what has been haunting my deadline nightmares.

To commission a similar coat-dress would cost in the region of £150-170.


  1. I am extremely interested in a version of this coat. I have not been able to find a way to make it myself anywhere and love the drippy sleeves and the dramatic high collar. I am going for a evil queen from Once Upon A Time (tv show).

    Contact me if you are able to assist at

  2. OOooo This is exactly the collar I am trying to make for my jacket. I am also dressing up as the evil queen from once upon a time for halloween. Anyway you could share your collar making secrets? My email is


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